Causes And Remedies For Frequent Urination

Causes and remedies for frequent urination

Frequent urination is a condition in which a person has the urge or sensation of going to the urinal and passing the urine repeatedly, more often than usual.

Frequent urination is a serious problem which could be due to any one of the multiple frequent urination causes ranging from bladder diseases to drinking excessive fluid. Frequent urination signifies that an individual might have an excessive fluid intake or that he may have kidney related issues or bladder diseases, diabetes-related problems (which mainly include Diabetes Mellitus and Diabetes Insipidus), gland problems, and psychological problems like fear or anxiety.

Even the sensation of frequent urination is problematic. A study suggests that people with high intake of caffeine and tea are prone to the problem of frequent urination.

Frequent urination causes

The understanding of frequent urination causes is given below:

  • Diabetes: People suffering from diabetes often face the problem of frequent urination. The reason behind this, as to be understood from the scientists’ point of view, is the method which the body opts for eliminating the excessive sugar or the unused sugar or the sugar that it is incapable of utilizing. Diabetes is often held responsible for damaging and harming the nerves that control the functioning of the urinary bladder that leads to frequent urination sensation and at times frequent urination.
  • Pregnancy: One of the many early symptoms of early pregnancy is frequent urination. It is by the hormonal changes in the female body and also due to the excessive blood flow that the body starts producing 25% more fluids. Also, the uterus expands thus exerting pressure on the urinary bladder and finally promoting this problem. This is one of the frequent urination causes.
  • Infection in the urinary tract: The boundary of the urethra or the tissues present in the urethra gets infected by the by-products of any previously infected substance present in the body or the blood which at the time of urinating affects the urethra, leading to a situation of irritating it and producing a burning sensation. This shooting and burning sensation within the urethra creates the urge to empty the bladder at a rapid rate.
  • Medications: Sometimes some medications are used to treat people with hormonal problem and are successful in doing so but they might be producing excessive fluid in the blood as one of their side effects, and the body tries to eliminate these subsidiary and external fluids as soon as possible thus exerting load on kidney and finally leading to frequent urination. This is one of the frequent urination causes.
  • Bladder cancer: A tumor that builds itself in the bladder of the human body and leads to swelling in lower limbs, it is responsible for frequent urination, and it creates a burning sensation while urinating. It marks the presence of blood in the urine frequently.
  • STD: A sexually transmitted disease, like Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, or Trichomoniasis can also be held accountable for creating a suitable environment for inhibiting bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract. And these bacteria tries and interrupts the normal body functioning and leads to frequent urination.
  • Caffeine and other food product: Excessive intake of caffeine, tea, alcohol and artificial sweeteners stimulates the normal functioning of the human body and catalyzes the functioning of the organs thus leading to frequent urination. Carbonated drinks and food having citrus as one of the components is known to irritate the bladder and causing the urge to empty it at a steady rate. This is one of the frequent urination causes.

Frequent urination remedies
To cope up and fight back the problem of frequent urination, there are suggested remedies that could be used to get rid of the frequent urination causes before it becomes serious and hard to eliminate.

  • Medications: There exist many herbal treatments for controlling the excessive urge of urination. It mainly includes Chinese herbal blends, Ganoderma lucidum (GL), Cornsilk (Zea mays), Capsaicin, etc. These medications have minimum side effects and can be thought of as a reliable remedy for frequent urination.
  • Proper diet: The proper intake of food and necessary nutrients and vitamins also helps in maintaining the normal functioning of kidney and urinary bladder. This also includes proper intake of fluids (not excessive, but proper). Pumpkin seeds, Kohki tea, boiled spinach, etc. can be included in the day to day diet to cope up with this problem.
  • Exercise: The experts suggest some forms of exercises to reduce stress on urinary bladder and keep it healthy. Kegel exercises (i.e., pelvic floor exercises) and muscle training are suggested by the doctors and dieticians as well because it ensures the repeated contraction and relaxation of the muscles to keep them functioning in the right manners.
  • Drinks: Avoid alcohol, excessive coffee, tea, artificially sweetened drinks and foods, foods containing citrus as one of their components, food with preservatives in them, etc.

Above frequent urination causes, can be kept in mind to prevent any instance of this problem. Also, the remedies mentioned are simple to adopt and practice and eliminate the problem of frequent urination. Moreover, if the problem persists, contact the respective doctor or an expert to resolve the problem.

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