How To Treat Dry Cough

How to treat dry cough

Dry coughing is the most irritable uncomely sickness, which differs from coughing in that it does not release any mucus or phlegm. The sensations faced by the throat during dry coughs are uneasy constrictions of the esophagus and the constant tiny pain that comes with a parched throat.

It is a severe symptom of many common and uncommon diseases ranging from a whooping cough to asthma to viral fevers and even heart failures. It is always wise to check for common dry cough causes and symptoms or to consult a health practitioner regularly.

Dry cough causes

Dry cough causes can be vast and seemingly not so severe or obvious when compared to one another. It is always better to prevent than to search for cures. People with long-lasting chronic illnesses or an affinity for health issues in their family line should be wary of going out of their way and taking good precautions. Some of the dry cough causes can be:

  • Cold or impure air
    We all know the effects of cold air on our respiratory system. Human being intakes oxygen when he breathes in and expels carbon dioxide when he breathes out. Some of the heat within our body is also expelled with the carbon dioxide as the temperature of CO2 is warmer.
  • Viruses
    Many viral and post-infectious illnesses like common cold, influenza and tuberculosis can lead to a dry cough as the aftermath. A dry cough that ends up like this has all the germs in the form of the viruses from these events, but the body fails to expel them from itself as in the case of a dry cough, there is no produce. Laryngitis, whooping cough, and hay fever are also dry cough causes.
  • Heart or lung condition
    The dry cough causes may also include heart failure or lung cancer aftermath, which affects the respiratory system drastically, sometimes even beyond repair. The inflammation of the voice box or blood clots in the lungs can also lead to a dry cough.
  • Side effects of medicine
    We often hear instances of tragedies that arise out of overuse of medicines; however, a headache due to some medication is a common side-effect. Improper or inappropriately suggested medications can risk your health beyond repair. Sometimes, such medicines also cause a dry cough.


  • Drink lots of fluids
    Fluids may help relieve a dry cough by increasing water intake and easing all the mucus or phlegm outside smoothly. One must keep hydrated during dry coughs, drinking warm water mixed with honey, or your normal tea or coffee (provided, no sugar) and you can expect a fast recovery.
  • Sleep properly
    Stack pillows underneath your head so that your throat is inclined downwards and all the germs or bacteria find an easy way out. Also, this increases the pressure on your esophagus, which in turn rids your throat of all its ailments.
  • Inhale pure air
    If you’re suffering from even the slightest symptoms of a dry cough, you must stay away from polluted or cold air as it might further degrade your condition. Always wear a mask/scarf when going out in traffic and make sure to wash your hands before you eat.
  • A cough drops
    This is, of course, the most obvious thing a person facing symptoms would likely be doing, but keep in mind that not all cough drops or syrups work to alleviate your sickness. Some cough drops require constant ingestion so that there is more demand for it. Steer clear of such commodities. Choose a familiar and prescribed brand. Many drops are not meant for children under a certain age. One must be careful while reading the label.
  • Consult a doctor
    It is always best to take preventive measures and get a good prescription from a trusted health advisor so that the symptoms do not lead to anything big. A dry cough is usually very irritable and can cause restlessness. Be sure to consult a physician.
  • Quit smoking
    Substance abuse may lead to serious problems in life. Likewise, smoking leads to a dry cough, sticky cough, and mucus cough. Tobacco intake messes our respiratory chambers and causes ailments like asthma, bronchitis, cancer and also dry cough. It is always best to quit or to not start if that is the case. Smoking is a harmful habit and needs to be cut in the bud.

It is always better to steer clear of the harmful respirators that can cause asphyxiation or serious illnesses. Keep an eye on the dry cough causes and take necessary precautions. We must keep an eye out for everything we eat and drink.

People with chronic records of illnesses should be more careful, and people with substance abuse issues should consult a physician immediately before the condition worsens. The dire after-effects of a dry cough are extremely serious and unwanted.

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