Know About The Causes Of Foot Pain And Their Treatments

Know about the causes of foot pain and their treatments

Walking is the most effective, easiest, and most accessible type of exercise. This holds true that as long as you do not have to deal with foot pain which can make your every step agonizing. Around three out of four people in America will experience some kind of food problem in their entire lifetime. Thus, you are not alone in this predicament. These conditions are painful as well as embarrassing. Most of these ailments cause due to lack of awareness, neglect, and proper care. There are only a handful of people who are born with foot conditions or any kind of defect in their foot that can be one of the foot pain causes. It is important to identify and treat common conditions that cause food pain and problems to keep the feet happy and healthy.

Foot pain – Causes
There are several things that can be considered as foot pain causes. The most common of them are discussed in brief as follows:

The presence of a bony bump at the big toe’s base is categorized as a bunion. This is considered as one of the common foot pain causes Bunions are caused by joint misalignment becoming larger with time. It makes the big toe leaning toward the other toes on the foot. A bunion can be extremely painful due to arthritis or pressure which leads to the wavering of other joints found in the foot. It can be treated with foot pads, anti-inflammatory medications, wider toe-box footwear, and wearing shoes with low heel height. In order to slow the growth of the bunion and tackle the instability of the foot, custom shoe inserts can be used. However, when all these measures fail, it is ideal to correct the deformity caused by the bunion by undergoing a surgery.

Calluses and corns
Calluses and corns are caused due to pressure and friction and are considered as one of the foot pain causes. They look small and round but are quite painful when pressure is applied. Calluses and corns are mainly impacted onto the surface of the skin. Calluses generally occur at the ball of the heel and foot. These are caused due to bunions, foot deformities like hammertoes, or ill-filling footwear. To get relief from them, use pads or get them trimmed by a podiatrist on a regular basis. Some people may have to wear custom shoe inserts or undergo surgery to take care of the underlying deformity which is causing calluses or corns.

Gout is also another one of the foot pain causes. Gout is characterized by swelling, redness, stiffness, and sudden pain in the large joint of the hallux or big toe. Gout is also a common problem of the knee, ankle, or foot. The main reason of gout is the presence of uric acid in the body which crystallizes and cause pain in the joints. Gout pain can stay for days or weeks in case of an acute attack. Doctors treat this condition with oral anti-inflammatory drugs or cortisone injection. In order to manage this condition one must manage his diet appropriately and take uric acid lowering medicines. Untreated gout becoming a chronic issue may damage joints which would need surgery to take care of.

Plantar warts
Plantar warts are horrible viral infections which lead to callused growths on the foot soles. This is also considered as one of the foot pain causes. It is to be noted that they are contagious and often spread through public showers and pools. They are painful and have a round shape. They may have an isolated growth pattern or follow a geographic spread pattern which is called mosaic plantar wart. They may be harmless but doctors recommend people to treat this condition. Normally they become fine with topical application of salicylic acid. However, in some cases, more aggressive but necessary steps like laser therapy, freezing, burning, and surgical removal need to be taken.

Flatfoot or pes planus
Flatfoot, as the name suggests, is the condition when the sole of the feet comes in complete contact or near-complete contact with the floor below while bearing weight. It can be inherited or caused by a condition called posterior tibial tendon dysfunction or an injury. Basic and common treatment includes custom orthotic shoe inserts, supportive shoes, and advanced treatment include surgical correction.

When the muscles that control the toes go out of balance, they cause really painful toe contractures. Hammertoes can be caused due to ill-fitting shoes or underlying anomalous foot function. Hammertoes will make the middle joint of the toe to curve downwards while the toe near the foot appearing to be raised. Measures like callus trimming periodically, custom orthotic shoe inserts, wider toe box footwear, and surgery may offer necessary relief.

It is important to diagnose the cause of foot pain accurately in order to decide on the most effective and best treatment for the condition. With general treatment for foot pain, the pain may subside for the time being but it would come back again in not time. So, whether you are having pain in the ankle, toes or foot, it is necessary to seek immediate medical attention and get the problem treated.

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