Top 10 Flea Control Treatments And Methods

Top 10 flea control treatments and methods

Fleas are parasites, and these things are one of the biggest problems for your pet. Dogs and cats are both at risk of catching fleas. Once fleas infest on your pet’s fur, it may get extremely hard to get them out. However, it is quite easy to get rid of them in the early stages. And with modern products, one can easily treat the fleas when they first appear.

Fleas and danger

Fleas are parasites which live in your pet’s fur. This parasite, like any other parasites, feed on your pet’s blood. Furthermore, they use your pet’s blood vessels to make a meal for themselves and lay eggs.

Infestation of these fleas can be dangerous. Plus, while scratching continuously, your pet may wound themselves.

How to know your pet has fleas?

There are many signs, which tell whether your pet has fleas or not. However, all signs may not fit for every pet out there. The most common sign is that your pet will begin constant scratching. With immediate flea control treatment, you can avoid serious flea problems. Signs of weight loss in your pet could also indicate the existence of fleas. If your pet starts to massage itself against various objects, that may also indicate the presence of flea on their skin. The presence of small dark spots or reddish spots is also one of the biggest signs of a flea.

Getting rid of fleas is easy if you treat your pet before the infestation of fleas becomes serious.

Top 10 flea control treatments

Controlling fleas and their infestation is not as hard as used to be before. There are various products and treatments available for your pets, here are some of them which include house maintenance tips for eradicating fleas as well as ways to help your pet:

  • Flea powder
    Flea powders used to be considered one of the best treatments for flea control. Even today, many people use these powders to treat their pet’s flea. It is a topical method where the pet owner applies the powder on the dog. The pet owner may apply the powder on multiple occasions in a day or as per the instructions of a vet.
  • Flea shampoo
    This is yet another effective way of treating fleas. Flea shampoos are effective, but their effect does not last long. Shampoo your dog within a few days to get the best results.
  • Flea collars
    Flea collars are quite effective with it comes to fighting adult fleas. These collars are, however, only effective for the specific areas near the collar. Flea collars emit a toxic gas for fleas, which kills them instantly. Furthermore, the gas can be absorbed by the layer of fat by your pet, which helps your pet to fight the fleas for a longer period of time.
  • Flea sprays
    Sprays can be used to remove fleas from your pet’s skin. However, their effect only lasts for about two-three days. Spray cans for flea control can be bought as per the instructions of your vet. Scented sprays are also available in the market.
  • Spot-on treatments
    Spot-on treatments are topical treatments for flea control and help your pet in fighting off the parasites. These treatments can be applied directly to the infected area or areas. Some of these are even effective against the larval development. But these treatments should only be used after a consultation with your vet.
  • Medications
    Vets also prescribe some oral medication to your pets. These medications have long-lasting effects and can treat fleas within few days. But these medications should not be used unless instructed by your vet.
  • Vacuuming
    This method is for your house. Daily vacuuming of your house will remove the fleas from your house as well as control the spreading of these fleas. Also, you could throw in a flea collar in the vacuum bag for an effective way of killing these fleas.
  • Washing
    After the appearance of fleas make sure that you wash all beddings, pillow, and carpets properly.
  • Choose environmental options
    Just as with your pets, you can find various products such as foggers and sprays for your house and its environment. These kinds of products eradicate fleas residing in your home’s environment and make your house safer for your pets to live in.
  • Use insecticides
    For your yards and gardens, it is advised that you use mild insecticides and safeguard your house as well as apart from catching fleas.

Fleas may be a nuisance and may be hard to get rid of, but a timely measure to control the infestation of fleas will help your pet stay healthy. Fleas affect both cats and dogs, but their treatment and methods of flea control are similar. Be sure to wash your pet and comb their fur regularly to remove all chances of infestation for flea control.

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