What Does A Healthy Stool Look Like With Detox

What does a healthy stool look like with detox

The human body works in amazing ways and most importantly, always for our benefit and the proper functioning of the system. Every form of excretion is indicative of our health, and on monitoring them, we can find a lot of what is happening inside our bodies. Our daily habits and what we choose to eat is responsible for the color, texture and consistency change. This is where a stool color chart comes in.

Stool, also known as the fecal matter, is a semi-solid excretion of your digestive system which also consists of undigested food and it is thrown out of the body through the anus. Normally, people who eat the right amount of fiber and have normal quantities of liquids do not face any problem in passing stool.

A healthy stool is generally semi-solid and is excreted out in longer pieces. According to some doctors, it should be in shape of ‘S.’ The normal color of stool is between yellow to medium brown, and even if you’re excreting out smaller pieces, it is not a major problem, however, if it has become watery, it might indicate problems like indigestion or diarrhea. To understand what is wrong or right with your stool, use a stool color chart.

What can your stool tell you about your body?

As mentioned earlier, your body is the first thing that shows a sign when something is wrong inside. Excretory products can tell a lot about it. Use a stool color chart to determine if you have problems or not. For example, if you have been observing blood in your stool, it might be a sign of hemorrhoids or inflammatory bowel disease. Change in consistency can indicate disturbance or abnormal functioning of digestive system, constipation and reduced visits to washroom may be because of improper diet or dehydration.

Here is a stool color chart that can help you know your stool better:

Colour of stool



  1. brown



  1. green

Maybe due to food coloring or eating a lot of veggies

If persistent, then seek medical help

  1. yellow

Maybe due to excess accumulation of fats

Consider altering your diet

  1. black

Might be a sign of cancer

Consider seeing a doctor

  1. white or grey

Might be bile duct obstruction

Consider seeing a doctor

  1. red

Might be a sign of cancer

Consider seeing a doctor

So how often should a person pass stool?

There is no particular number as it is highly subjective. It depends on how much you eat and drink throughout the day. There might be days when you don’t get time to have your meals or get to drink the required amount of water which can alter the number, however; it can be considered normal if a person is going to the bathroom once or twice a day. To ensure that your digestive system is functioning healthy, avoid having food from takeaways and control your caffeine intake as this might interfere with the consistency of stool. You can change your diet after checking a stool color chart.

What should it feel like?

The accumulation of stool in the rectum is involuntary, but you can control while excreting it out. It should be normal and painless, and you shouldn’t be putting too much effort into it. If excreting seems like a task to you, then it is not normal. It may be due to constipation, less fiber consumption or other reasons. Slight pain and discomfort might be a sign or problem with your excretory system. Use a stool color chart to check.

What can I do to cleanse or detox my digestive system?

Well if you eat healthily and choose to cook yourself a meal instead of ordering then you will not have to do anything special to maintain your health. However if you have been out on holiday or have been binge eating a lot lately and feel like rewiring the system a little, then here are a few ways through which you can cleanse your system:

  • Increase your fiber intake and cut back on junk food. Fiber is the main constituent of your stool and increasing the intake will make sure that consistency stays normal.
  • Try juice cleanse if you have been heavy on your system. Having juice and liquids for a few days will give a break to your digestive system.
  • Practicing yoga can help a lot as there are some yoga positions meant to improve your digestion. It can detox other organs as well if you practice it regularly.
  • Increase your water intake. Water helps in circulation and removal of toxins from your body and can help restore the functioning of your digestive system.
  • Include more veggies and fruits and exercise regularly so that you don’t have to worry about it too much and don’t suffer from a problem in the first place.

A healthy body will always give you the best results. So, if you eat healthily, even your stool will be healthy. To know more about your stool and its color’s meaning, refer to an online stool color chart or make one of your own after research!

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