5 Symptoms Experienced with Schizophrenia

A chronic condition, Schizophrenia is a serious mental disorder that affects the behavioral pattern, thoughts and the way an individual feels. One begins to interpret reality in an abnormal fashion. It is characterized by a combination of disordered thinking, delusions, and hallucinations. The condition is disabling as it affects one’s ability to carry out daily functions. As Schizophrenia is a long-term condition, patients must undergo lifelong treatment.

The symptoms of schizophrenia vary from one individual to another and are reported to begin in the mid-’20s. They range from several signs that take a toll on the behavior and emotions. Also, some may develop over a period with severity and types. Some may continue to be present throughout the lifetime. The symptoms to look out for include:

Affected motor behavior
The motor behavior is severely affected and the same is reflected in a number of ways. There may be childlike actions and agitation without a reason. Doing basic tasks is difficult as the sever disorganization causes immense impairment. One may not abide by any instructions, behave inappropriately, stand and sit in bizarre posture or conduct themselves in an excessive moment.

Hallucination involves experiencing things that are not reality. An individual with schizophrenia begins to see or hear things with full impact. One may hallucinate in any of the senses; however, most patients hear voices and see visions.

Delusions are false understandings or beliefs that are different from reality. One begins to experience things that are not real such as the fear of being harmed by someone, feeling of being targeted or life being hit by a major catastrophe. Patients with schizophrenia are most likely to be affected by delusions.

Impaired speech
As the behavior is affected, the speech is disorganized as well. One cannot communicate effectively and respond to even the simplest questions. In some cases, impaired speech may also include the use of multiple words that make it difficult to understand the sentence. It is also known as word salad.

Undergoing Schizophrenia treatment early on aids in controlling the symptoms. It reduces the risk of further extreme complications and aids in improving the outlook over the years.

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