3 Easy But Effective Hair Care Tips You Should Know Of

Every type of hair has its own appeal, whether it’s a wild mane, wavy tresses, or straight locks! Regardless of your hair type, you should follow a maintenance routine, so they don’t lose their charm and shine. Dryness, lack of luster, split ends, hair fall, and breakage are some primary indicators of hair damage. Of lately, if you have been observing similar signs, then it’s time for rolling out a new disaster control plan. Here are some simple but universal hair care tips that can make every day a good hair day.

Stop over-washing your hair– One of the biggest mistakes of any hair care regime is over-washing the hair. Resorting to this idea can end up stripping the hair off its natural oils and making the scalp dry and flaky. Moreover, the hair starts losing its shine, and will eventually appear lifeless and rough. Therefore, limit shampooing your hair to only 3 to 4 times a week. The key is to cleanse hair in the right manner and choose the right hair products. For example, if you have brittle hair, choose a dry hair shampoo that has natural ingredients and preferably no chemicals. Likewise, use lukewarm water so that it can gently clean the scalp and prevent any further dryness.

Pay attention to how you condition– If you’ve been dealing with greasy hair even after using the best shampoos, then chances are you might be conditioning your tresses incorrectly. So, what’s the trick? Pretty simple, only condition from the mid-section to the ends of your hair, rather than starting from the roots. This is because the roots manage to stay moisturized as the scalp secretes the natural oils. Applying an additional coat will only make the hair appear slicker and cause a build-up to accumulate in the scalp. Likewise, after you shampoo and condition your hair, the last thing you want is your hair to go back to being brittle while it dries. Therefore, instead of using a towel with an abrasive texture, use an old t-shirt or a lightweight cotton towel to remove the extra water and then let your hair dry naturally.

Style your hair right– It is no secret that excessive styling can harm the hair and can be especially difficult to avoid if someone fancies experimenting. However, this doesn’t mean that damage can’t be minimized. The first rule, never heat-style your locks when they are damp, as it can easily cause them to sputter and break. The second rule is, always use a heat-protection serum or spray so that a curler or straightener doesn’t strip the hair’s protein and natural oils. Following these two cardinal hair care rules will help ensure that you prevent damage to your tresses in the long run.

If you have been experiencing severe hair fall in the recent few weeks or months, then it is recommended that you see a doctor. Hair loss could be a result of a medical condition such as a vitamin deficiency, in which case no hair care products will be truly beneficial. To correct this situation, the doctor might prescribe some hair growth vitamins and advise making some lifestyle changes.

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