4 Diabetes Care Devices To Maintain Your Blood Sugar Levels

4 diabetes care devices to maintain your blood sugar levels

Managing diabetes requires you to take proactive measures. Diabetes care devices help in keeping your blood sugar levels in check. Devices such as insulin pumps, insulin pens, and glucose monitors help in maintaining your blood sugar close to normal range. Since the past two decades, there have been significant developments and research in diabetes care devices. New features and sleeker designs have made it quite easy and convenient to keep your high blood sugar levels in check. Here are some of the latest devices that are simplifying the lives of many diabetics.

  • Livongo glucose monitor: Launched in 2017, Livongo’s glucose monitors are one-of-their kind. You can get software updates wirelessly through the cloud. With your glucose meter always upgraded with the latest features, you will be able to manage your diabetes levels in a better way. Due to their wireless connectivity to the cloud, these glucose monitors can also send health feedback to the patient based on the blood sugar levels. Patients can also send their health information to their physician directly from the device. Livongo offers these glucose meters along with strips through various contracts plans that start from around $33.
  • Omnipod® insulin pump: Launched in 2005, Insulet’s tubeless insulin pump, Omnipod® makes it easy to inject insulin in the body and manage diabetes. Consisting of a pod and a personal diabetes manager (PDM), the Omnipod® is a wearable insulin pump that does not require you to take it off when you sleep, shower, or exercise. You can wear it under your clothes as well. Using this PDM, you can manage insulin delivery into your body for three days continuously. You will, however, have to replace the pod after three days. The cost of the PDM is around $800, while one pod costs around $30.
  • Dexcom glucose monitor: Another notable glucose monitor in the market is the Dexcom glucose monitor. You can connect the monitor to a compatible smart device, such as a smartphone or a tablet, to receive blood sugar level readings every five minutes. This monitor can be used for diabetes patients of all ages from the age of 2 years. Using the Dexcom G6® CGM app, you can view your glucose levels over a period through graphs and directional arrows. This data can be shared with your physician or close family members to help keep track of your diabetes and prevent any hypoglycemic episodes. The price of the monitors ranges around $100 to $1400, and the battery costs around $500. The battery will have to be changed once a year.
  • Timesulin insulin pen cap: Priced at around $29, Timesulin’s insulin pen cap is one of the most affordable diabetes care devices in the market. You just to have fit it to your existing insulin cap for better diabetes management. This insulin pen cap keeps track of the last insulin dose you took. You do not have to worry about forgetting your insulin dose anymore. This device is easily available in your local drugstore. You can also buy it from an online retailer as well.

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