5 Best Tips To Combat Hair Thinning

5 best tips to combat hair thinning

Have you ever wondered why your hair has lost its volume? Well, the reason is hair thinning. A prevalent condition, hair thinning affects a large number of men and women. While one may assume that the issue is triggered as you grow older, the truth is that anyone can be at the risk of hair thinning. There are several causes that may lead to hair thinning. Factors such as a change in hormones, an unhealthy diet, stress, genetics, medical conditions, cosmetic procedures, and even an illness can be a cause for concern.

The earlier the issue is diagnosed, the better it is to undertake effective treatment. Identifying the issue is crucial when seeking a solution for hair thinning. One must consult a professional who can administer medication and other treatments, as ignoring the signs is no way out. Apart from the treatment, one must also take some measures that will minimize further hair loss and/or hair thinning. Here are some tips that will aid in combating hair thinning and restoring the hair volume in all its glory:

Let the hair air dry– While using a blow dryer may seem convenient, but the constant heat from the dryer can cause the hair to become dry and thereby fall out. One must avoid using the towel roughly and instead, gently pat the strands with a soft cloth. Moreover, the hair must be left to air dry whenever possible, as this will aid in promoting effective hair growth.

Avoid hair-pulling hairstyles– Hairstyles such as tight buns, cornrows, weaves and other styles that involve pulling the hair backward can cause the hair to get pulled out from the scalp. One should avoid the same and instead wear the hair back with a loose tie. Also, hairbands made from hard materials and tight elastics might further tug the hair loose.

Lower stress levels– Stress can not only affect one’s health but also cause hair thinning. A highly stressful life can take a severe toll on the healthy growth of hair.  Thus, one must take adequate measures to lower stress levels by practicing activities like meditation, yoga, exercise, and getting sufficient sleep.

More protein consumption– Proteins are one of the pivotal elements that act as building blocks for healthy hair. Not consuming enough can lead to hair loss and lack of growth. One must up the protein consumption by eating fish, chicken, chickpeas, and other legumes. Vegans must increase the intake of protein-rich foods such as quinoa, tofu, buckwheat, soy, etc.

Pay attention to the scalp– The scalp must be kept healthy to facilitate the growth of new and healthy hair. A healthy scalp will result in healthy hair. Thus, one should use products that tone the scalp and avoid flaky build-up. Additionally, gently massaging the scalp with a nourishing oil can stimulate better hair growth.

Hair thinning can be traumatizing, but the right measures will help in preventing and restoring the lost hair. Getting the right treatment, using suitable hair thinning products like hair volumizing and hair thinning shampoos, diet control and living a healthy lifestyle will go long way in combating further hair thinning.

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