5 Effective Ways To Devise Your Own Diabetic Diet Plan

5 effective ways to devise your own diabetic diet plan

Living with diabetes can be a difficult feat; you cannot savor the cheese-filled pizza or the steaming chocolate brownie like you used to since it can wreak havoc on your blood glucose levels. However, with the right diabetic diet plan and exercise, you can keep diabetes under control. Diabetic diet plans aren’t always appealing to your taste buds, but you can make your own diabetic diet plan and make it more interesting. Here are some of the factors you need to adhere to while making your own diabetic diet plan with foods meant especially for diabetics.

  • Make a list of food beneficial for diabetics: The first task you need to undertake while planning your diabetic diet plan is to make a list of foods beneficial for diabetics and which ones to avoid. It is imperative that you incorporate whole foods into your diabetic diet plans, especially non-starchy vegetables, healthy fats, fruits, and lean proteins. Also, it is necessary to cut down on processed foods and sugar-laden products, and the emphasis lies on reducing the carb and calorie intake.
  • Get acquainted with the different types of carbohydrates: While making your diabetic diet plan, you need to make room for healthy carbs as well. Contrary to popular notions, you cannot completely eliminate carbs from your diet; our body and brain need the right amount of carbohydrates to function to its optimum. However, you shouldn’t go overboard by making fries and burger a part of your daily diet. You need to gauge the exact amount of carbs that each of your meal consists, and find out ways to incorporate it into your diet. For instance, a breakfast for a diabetic individual can contain around 45 to 60 grams of carbohydrates.
  • Start following the “plate method”: The “plate method” requires you to envision ways of filling your plate with a balanced meal with foods beneficial for diabetics. The exact way to do this is to fill half of the plate with non-starchy vegetables, one quarter with healthy carbs, and the last quarter should consist of lean proteins. This diabetic diet plan will ensure that whatever you are consuming is nutritious.
  • Say no to diet soda: People believe that when on a diabetic diet or a regular diet, a diet soda will help them deal with their cravings for regular soda. Diet soda and other sugar-free products do not raise one’s blood glucose levels; however, it can cause metabolic syndrome, which ultimately leads to insulin resistance and can lead to an increase in weight. So, steer clear from consuming diet soda.
  • Leave space for desserts: Desserts as a part of a diabetic diet plan? Well, this will definitely make eyebrows rise in unison. It becomes difficult for any diabetic to stick to their diabetic diet plan if they are deprived of their favorite food for a long time. Since you are out to create a lifestyle change and not a short-term diet, you cannot cut out desserts from your life. You need to practice moderation and allow yourself a small treat every day or every alternate day. Moreover, you need to start substituting the actual dessert with a lightened version of the same. For instance, replace sugar with honey, applesauce, or dates.

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