5 Types Of Home Medical Services That Patients Can Avail

The right medical attention and services are essential for promoting a healthy life. One must have access to medical services that fulfill the needs and ensure that comfort is felt through the right treatment options. Thankfully today, there is a growth in the understanding of the importance of medical services; thus, individuals can make the right decision for what they seek. Medical services have now extended to homes and this has added to the ease of access to healthcare. Older individuals can now receive quality treatment within the comfort of their homes.
There is no limit to the types of medical services that are being offered at one’s doorstep. Medical services can range from nursing to therapy, depending upon the needs of the patient. The types of service can be picked after consulting the doctor and evaluating the needs. However, prior to doing so, it is crucial to know the difference between the varied types of medical services. This will aid in making an informed decision for oneself or a loved one. Home-rendered medical services may include:

Professional medical physician care– The medical services include a professional physician visiting the patient, diagnosing, and treating the patient at home. Thus, if the patient is not mobile, it enables him/her to receive doctor’s services at home. The doctor may also review the health of the patient by visiting periodically.

Medical therapies– A major medical condition can leave a patient in a difficult situation as to how to perform daily duties. This is when therapies such as physical, occupational, and speech are administered to aid in making the patient independent. Medical services that provide the service at home allow one to rope in a therapist who can help the patient at home. The therapist visits the home daily or alternately for a stipulated period of time.

Nursing care– There are older patients who may need nursing care as they may have greater needs that they cannot manage on their own. Nursing care is the most common type of medical service that is availed from home. The patient can avail of services including hospital beds, catheters, mobility vans, lift chairs, medical alert systems, insulin pens, etc. Under this service, a registered nurse works out a plan with the help of a doctor. After immense evaluation, the nurse employs takes of the plan to go about with the patient’s care. The service may include monitoring of the patient’s health, pain management, administering memory supplements, dressing the wounds, ostomy care, and more.

Home health aides– This medical service is one that can be availed by patients looking for assistance in daily activities. Health aides help with the personal needs and assistance of patients, such as walking, bathing, exercising, getting out of the bed, and more. Several health aides also undertake specialized training that allows for assistance in specialized care which can be rendered under the supervision of a registered nurse.

Laboratory and X-ray imaging– Some patients may not be able to travel to medical centers for regular tests; thus, there are medical services which cover all the needs possible. Laboratory tests like urine and blood tests can be performed within the home of the patient. Also, the use of portable X-ray machines now enables lab technicians to perform the medical service while meeting the comfort of the patient.

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