5 Well-Known Hearing Aids Brands Of To Know About

Some of the most common causes of hearing loss occur due to aging and prolonged exposure to loud noises. Earlier restricted only to older adults, hearing loss cases are now commonly being observed among younger adults as well. This is mostly due to constant exposure to loud noises and frequent use of earphones or headphones. When neglected for a long time, hearing loss has been observed to cause withdrawal and social isolation. Hence, it is essential to take remedial measures as soon as possible. This is where the hearing aids come in. While buying hearing aids, it is essential to compare hearing aids based on the price range and the features offered by various brands. Here is a short list of the well-known brands of hearing aids. These brands are easily available through online retailers as well as offline retailers such as Costco’s hearing aids section.

  • Oticon: Oticon has been making hearing aids with advanced technology since 1904. One of the most well-known hearing aid from Oticon has been the Oticon OPN. Suitable for people with a mild to severe hearing loss, Oticon hearing aids are available in three variants based on the technology—premium device, mid-range device, and lower-level device. Oticon hearing aid prices range from approximately $1,599 to $1,999 depending on the type. These prices are inclusive of manufacturer’s warranty, professional fitting, and service package options. Oticon OPN has been known to improve hearing by nearly 30% compared to other hearing aids.
  • Miracle-Ear: Designed with the latest hearing aid technology, Miracle-Ear hearing aids are available in different styles and incorporate a range of features like tinnitus control and feedback cancellation. The range of products includes nearly invisible hearing aids that fit directly to the ear canal and hearing aids that can be fitted behind the ear. Customers can also buy custom-made Miracle hearing aids. Miracle-Ear hearing aids are suitable for those with a mild to severe hearing loss. Miracle-Ear hearing aid prices range from around $1000 to $5000.
  • Phonak: One of the first companies to design rechargeable hearing aids, Phonak is well-known for its range of hearing aids for children. One of its best-selling hearing aid is the Advanced-B70. Priced at approximately $3,100, this hearing aid gives speech clarity in loud noises and has close to real ear sound quality. Other variants of Phonak hearings aids include Essential-B30, Standard-B50, and Premium-B90. The price ranges from around $1,350 to $4,100.
  • Signia: Formerly known as Siemens, Signia is one of the most popular hearing aid manufacturers among consumers due to its excellent background noise reduction and speech identification. Signia hearing aids are known for their natural sound quality. Priced approximately between $1,299 to $1,799, Signia hearing devices are available in variants—Silk Nx, Insio Nx, Pure Ns, Motion Nx, and Pure Charge&Go Nx. These hearing aids are suitable for anyone with a mild to severe hearing loss. Signia has its own touchControl app that lets hearing aid users control settings and preferences remotely. This app is available in the App Store as well as Google Play store.
  • ReSound: Know for their made-for-iPhone hearing aids, ReSound has been constantly making new innovations in hearing aids technology. This company was the first one to design hearing aids with an open-standard digital chip that allow flexible programming in hearing aid devices. ReSound was also the first company to incorporate Digital Feedback Suppression and Dynamic Range Compression in their hearing aids. Available in three variants (standard, advanced, and premium), these hearing aids cost anywhere between $2,500 and $4,000.

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