Factors to Know about The Cost of Nursing Homes

Nursing homes are a great way to care for aged family members especially when they need specialized care that cannot be given by family members at home. These facilities offer extensive care that is designed keeping each patient’s medical and emotional needs in mind. There are different kinds of care that nursing homes facilitate, including custodial care and skilled care. Custodial care includes providing assistance in tasks like bathing, eating, and dressing. Skilled care is provided by a registered nurse who is in charge of medical monitoring and other treatments.

Nursing homes come with a variety of facilities and provide services that include room and board, monitoring of medication, 24-hour emergency care, social and recreational activities, and personal care among others. The cost of providing these amenities is less is no way and as such, it can become extremely expensive to engage the services of a nursing home. It thus becomes very important to find the right nursing home that is within your budget. Here are some factors to know about the cost of a nursing home that can help you find the one that suits you best.

Average nursing home care cost in the country
There are several factors on which the cost of a nursing home is dependent. These factors include the location, provider, and the duration of the stay as well as the special considerations that are demanded. Most nursing home facilities have all-inclusive rates, but some also charge extra for their services. The average cost of nursing homes in the nation are as follows:

  • For semi-private room: Daily cost- $225; Monthly cost- $6,800; Annual cost- $80,000
  • For private room: Daily cost- $250; Monthly cost- 7,500; Annual cost- $92,000

Note that all prices mentioned are approximate figures and are only estimated prices of the services.

The estimated cost of nursing homes as compared to assisted living Assisted living costs around $119 per day, $4,600 a month, and $43,000 a year. The average cost of the nursing home, on the other hand, costs around $82,000 to $92,000 annually, making it the more expensive option. It is also important to know that the cost of a nursing home or assisted living is higher than the estimated average in cases of specialized memory care or special considerations for disabilities.

Seek referrals to find a good long-term care facility
There are certain facilities that provide substandard living conditions to the residents although they meet technical health standards. To find a good, affordable facility that fits you well, you can use referrals. Here are some services you can turn to for trusted referrals.

  • Your doctor
  • National long-term care organizations
  • Organizations focusing on specific illness
  • Hospital discharge planner
  • Government agencies
  • The Church, ethnic, and fraternal organizations
  • Relatives, friends, and neighbors

Plan ahead
As a nursing home can be expensive, it only makes sense to plan ahead. It is also important to ensure that you don’t hurry into choosing a nursing facility. Grasping the probable necessity of engaging a nursing home in the future should be an indication to start planning for one.

Planning includes understanding different services nursing homes provide, making a plan to pay for it, and extensive research in choosing the right nursing home.

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