How to know if its time to consider assisted living

There’s nothing more fulfilling than spending one’s golden years in their home. However, it might be unsafe to leave seniors facing health issues alone, especially if they live far away from their family. As a family member or friend, you might want to extend all the emotional and physical support to make them comfortable, but certain situations, especially the ones involving dementia or severe mobility complications demand professional care. So, it would be wiser to move your loved one to a good assisted living facility. Taking this decision can be daunting, and might require a lot of deliberation. However, if you suspect that leaving a senior family member on their own is risky, then ask yourself these questions.

Has living alone turned a challenge for them?
Living alone comes with a lot of responsibilities including preparing meals, getting groceries, doing laundry and so on. While some tasks get difficult to do as one grows old, if your loved one is unable to simple activities like cooking, taking medications, bathing, dressing, or carrying light objects from one place to another then it is time to get some assistance for them. Not only will the staff at the facility help them with everyday tasks but will also enable them to move around safely. So you don’t have to be constantly gripped with worry while you are away or at work.

Have they been eating properly?
If a senior’s mobility is affected, they might find it painful to stand for long hours and cook for themselves. As a result, they might lose weight due to having inadequate food or indulge in frozen food or takeout, that is unhealthy for them in the long term. Employees at the assisted living facility will make sure that your loved one has food and eats healthy. Likewise, the staff will also remind them to take medications on time.

Have they been maintaining their house?
One of the biggest sign that your loved one might need additional help is the state of their home. Vacuuming, mowing the lawn or even cleaning the dishes can turn into an exhausting task. Due to low energy levels and limited mobility, the upkeep of the home might be something more than they can handle. An assisted living facility takes away the stress of such maintenance. Moreover, the absence of such mundane tasks can allow seniors to spend time doing what they want.

Are they isolated?
Have you been observing your loved one withdrawing from social activities and hobbies? If yes, then it’s time to talk to them about it. The reason why they might have stopped doing all these things could be because they are alone most of the times, which can trigger anxiety. If they are comfortable, you can suggest them about moving into an assisted care facility, where they could find the company and care 24/7. Moreover, they could comfortably participate in social settings and dedicate time to their hobbies without being reluctant.

Has their behavior drastically changed?
A sudden transition in their moods might indicate possibly the onset of dementia. This could include violent behavior, unexplained forgetfulness, confusion, reduced concentration, wandering or getting lost, anxiety, depression, jumbled speech, paranoia, and restlessness. Unfortunately, you might not be able to control situations where they get violent or temporarily lose their memory. In such a case, then your loved one might need 24/7 care provided by a skilled staff to ensure that they are secure.

Have they been injured recently?
Accidents at home are pretty common among seniors. These might cause mobility issues which will restrict their daily activities, ultimately affecting their overall quality of life. Also, this makes them vulnerable to accidents in the future. If you don’t happen to stay nearby or are working most of the week, then it would be ideal to consider an assisted living facility to keep your loved one from any harm.

Do they live in an area with a supportive community?
A supportive community for a senior is vital, as in your absence they can come to the rescue. It is important for you to have someone who regularly checks in on your loved one and keeps them company. Though, if you don’t have a person to rely on, then you should consider an assisted living care so that you don’t have to worry about their wellbeing.

Accepting that your loved one needs full-time care might be very hard. If you are struggling to take this decision, talk to your loved one and their needs. At the same time, also consult their doctor to know what will be the most appropriate course of action. If you are checking out senior living housing in your area, then ensure it is licensed, has a qualified and experienced staff, sanitary living conditions, 24-hour emergency care, and good social and recreational activities.

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