Seven Best Exercises To Lose Weight Efficiently

Seven best exercises to lose weight efficiently

Before taking those weight-loss shakes or hopping on a crash dieting program, there is a straightforward and unattractive truth that everyone needs to know- weight loss requires a lot of patience and discipline. Let’s not forget the painful hours spent running, rope-jumping and doing everything possible to shed those love handles.

Read the article to know the most effective exercises that will help burn those calories more efficiently:

  • Rope jumping: This form of cardiovascular exercise is considered the ultimate exercise that can burn at least 1000 calories in an hour. While the exercise helps build great agility, increase bone density, and lose belly fat, it is also known to increase the cognitive function of the brain.
  • Taekwondo: A form of Korean martial arts, it is also a part of the South Korean military training. It is famous for its kicking techniques and over 1 million people across the country practice this sport. Taekwondo focuses on physical activity, and it also relies on concentration and self-defense. It helps in shedding a behemoth of 930 calories in an hour.
  • Tabata training: This form of exercise is popularly used in cross-fit training programs. The basis of this training is to perform a high-intensity exercise for 20 seconds and then rest for 10 seconds. The circuit has to be repeated 8 times. This form of training can burn at least 900 calories.
  • Vigorous swimming: Look no further for a low impact but high-result exercise. Besides assisting in weight loss, this form of exercise also helps in improving muscle definition and strength, builds up bone mass, reduces inflammation, and lowers stress and depression. Although it does not appear to be strenuous, this form of exercise can burn as much as 800 calories in an hour.
  • Stepping: Also called plyometric motion, stepping is one of the best exercises for weight loss according to experts. Stepping or even running upstairs is better than plainly running. Running upstairs strengthens the muscles and also improves lung efficiency. One can burn an average of 850 calories by running upstairs or stepping.
  • Kickboxing: With the ability to master self-defense, this form of sport increases all levels of one’s fitness as it engages the entire body. The best part about kickboxing is that it strengthens the core muscles including arms, shoulders, legs, and even glutes. Kickboxing has numerous effects and some of them include increased flexibility, increased muscular endurance, stress-relief, and improved mind and body coordination. A single bout of kickboxing can burn as much as 760 calories.
  • High-Impact aerobics: This form of exercise involves regular and high-intensity exercises that involve coordination of both, hands and feet. High-impact aerobic exercises increase bone density, improve joint movements, and lead to efficient weight loss. At least 600 calories can be burnt in a single session of this form of cardiovascular exercise.

All the exercises mentioned in this article provide effective results. Balancing them with a healthy diet plan can give faster results. A research also suggests that drinking apple cider vinegar mixed with lukewarm water helps in losing weight. Consult a dietician and a doctor to know about the physical fitness levels required to perform these exercises for weight loss.

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