The Ideal Gout Diet Plan That Aids In Pain Management

The ideal gout diet plan that aids in pain management

A condition that affects a huge part of the population around the world, gout is a form of arthritis characterized by an inflammation in the joints of the body. This inflammation is accompanied by excruciating pain and sudden swelling in the joints. Gout is caused when there is excess uric acid in the bloodstream. This acid is produced by the breakdown of purines, which is a chemical compound that is formed naturally and also obtained through eating several types of food. Usually, uric acid dissolves in the blood and is flushed out through the urine. However, when there is excess production and not enough excretion, crystals of uric acid are formed and deposited in the joints.

Following a gout diet plan is one of the best ways to enable efficient gout management and ease the pain. Healthy food items contain ingredients that promote the buildup of essential vitamins and nutrients and reduce the risk of suffering from gout flare-ups. A gout diet plan also encourages weight management through a reduction in the calorie intake and loss of excess fat. Diligently following the given plan is a great way to reduce the levels of uric acids and lessen the impact of its symptoms.

Here is a gout diet plan that can be followed regularly:


  • A glass of warm water after waking up
  • A bowl of skimmed-milk with unsweetened cereal
  • A bowl of fresh fruits that contain Vitamin C


  • A bowl of fresh salad containing broccoli, beetroot, and cabbage
  • Some strips of roasted chicken
  • Chickpeas in a whole-wheat wrap


  • Canned fish (tuna or salmon)
  • A bowl of feta salad
  • Scrambled egg taco
  • A cup of herbal tea (to aid in digestion)

A gout diet plan does not have to be boring. There are plenty of options to make a healthy and delicious menu. Additionally, people who suffer from gout can’t eat some food items and they include:

Red meat
Red meat is toxic for people who have gout. Pork and lamb have high levels of purine and thus, must be avoided. Moreover, organs and glandular meats such as liver and kidney can contribute to a spike in uric acid too.

Sugary foods
For people who have a sweet tooth, it is essential to limit the intake of foods that are high in sugar. These include sweetened cereals, candies, cakes, and cookies. One must also stay away from artificial drinks and limit the intake of artificially sweetened fruit juices.

Liquors and beer are found to affect the risk of gout attacks. Their intake must be reduced, and stopped especially when there are recurrent gout attacks.

Gout is an extremely painful condition due to the inflammation of the joints, but fortunately, gout diet plans can ease and relieve the symptoms. There are a few other lifestyle changes that can prevent gout attacks like maintaining a healthy body weight, drinking water regularly, taking supplements, and exercising.

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