Points to Check Before Hiring an Adoption Agency

There are different ways to choose a baby adoption agency. One must do some initial research online to find out the particulars pertaining to the agency. The type of adoption directly determines the services an agency provides. Common types include domestic and international adoptions and adoption through foster care. The expertise for the process will vary accordingly. So, you must take the requisite time to do your research before hiring a facilitator or adoption attorney.

A positive adoption experience is possible when you find the right adopting agency. But with so many of them spread across the country, it may be difficult to filter the best from the rest. Thankfully, asking the right kind of questions after careful consideration can help.

  • Understand their philosophy
    Baby adoption is not just limited to the interests of the parents who are willing to care for the child. Adoption agencies that consider the child’s interests first are preferable as such people are willing to go the extra mile and help the child find a suitable home. Their approach and actions will reflect the agency’s philosophy, an important point to consider.
  • Find your comfort level
    Adoption is a complicated and challenging process. It takes time and efforts and will cost a lot of money to find the best possible service to help a child find a loving and caring home. Look at things that you’re comfortable with as you browse and explore adoption agencies. You must be happy with the process. Additionally, you must be prepared psychologically.
  • Trusted agency
    Adoption is not possible without trust. As a parent, you want the service you choose to be comprehensive and should take care of all specifics without any hiccups in the process. Only an established agency that has been around for years can provide you with that level of trust and confidence. You must believe in their abilities to cater to both the child’s and parents’ requirements. Talk to couples who have previously hired the services to find out which agencies they recommend.
  • Background and staff
    It is a good idea to find out the credentials of the staff. Ensure that the staff members are qualified and have the experience to help you manage issues during the adoption process. A licensed agency must hire and train staff who can handle the legalities and manage your case from a financial standpoint as well. You will be able to find information on various online discussion boards, adoption lists, recommendations, and referrals. Read reviews and try to get in touch with the people who posted them to understand why the service got a good or bad rating. Any information you find online will help you make an informed decision.
  • Education and counseling
    Check if the agency provides first-time baby adoption education and counseling. Adoption is a complicated process as there are many legalities and technicalities involved that could confuse parents who are adopting for the first time. Baby adoption agencies must be equipped to provide the necessary legal services as the process involves the legal transfer of parental right and legal counseling. Pre-placement help and post-placement counseling are both of paramount importance to acquaint parents at every step of the way.
  • Adoption wait time
    In some cases, adoption may take only a couple of months but in many cases, the process is time-consuming and challenging. Read the testimonials by parents who have hired the service previously to gain insights on their experience. Find out the number of clients the agency has served over the years. Above all, you must be prepared to wait for a long time just in case as there are other hopeful parents awaiting to welcome a child into their homes. Naturally, the wait time will depend on the type of adoption and the place from where you have chosen to adopt.

Additional services offered
Apart from basic counseling and assistance, a baby adoption agency should provide additional screening services, home study evaluation, and hospital planning services to make the process easier. Premium baby adoption services may also include advertising and matching to connect expectant birth mothers to people willing to raise a child. The agency will let the parties involved decide their adoption goals and preferences mutually.

  • Screening services
    Screening checks and verifies the background of both the adoptive couple and the birth couple. The service is vital to protect the interest of both parties involved in the adoption process.
  • Home study evaluation
    A home study evaluation further determines whether the adoptive parents can provide a nurturing and stable home for the adopted child.
  • Hospital planning
    Hospital planning services allow both the birth parents and the adoptive couple to choose medical facilities according to what they like.

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