Common Causes of Excessive Sweating

Sweating is a normal process of a human body. It is the body’s way of cooling itself. Every human body has 2 to 5 million sweat glands. Human body sweats more in places like feet, hands and the forehead. On the contrary, armpits have very fewer sweat glands, but people think the ratio of sweating is the most there. This is because the sweat in the armpits does not evaporate quickly and emit body odor.

When the body is hot, the eccrine glands get simulated, and sweat is released. These glands release a watery substance onto the skin which cools down the body as soon as the moisture evaporates. At times when we sweat due to anxiety or emotional stress, apocrine glands release the sweat. These glands are stimulated when we are nervous, stressed or over excited.

The causes of excessive sweating are many. One of the causes of excessive sweating is fever.Another common causes of excessive sweating is tuberculosis.Some people sweat excessively even without being feverish. This can be a genetic problem as they have excessive sweat glands in their hands, feet, and armpits or because the nerves that control the sweat glands hyperactive.

Here are some of the causes of excessive sweating that you must know:

Hyperthyroidism –In a case of hyperthyroidism, several thyroid hormones are circulating through the body. Hyperthyroidism accelerates the body chemical process resulting in excessive sweating. This symptom can be known only in the latter stages of this condition. The diagnosis and treatment of hypothyroidism can be done through available tests. Treatment may consist of medication surgery and Iodine radiation.
 Cancer- Different types of cancers in different parts of the body can cause excessive sweating in different levels. Doctors do not fully understand why cancers cause sweating. But it can be because the body is trying to fight cancer and it needs cooling down naturally.
 Certain medications- Not all medications may cause excessive sweating. Medications used for psychiatric treatment, blood pressure, dry mouth, antibiotics and other supplements may cause excessive sweating in a human body. It is very important to speak to the doctor if you are sweating and under any such medicine. Any medicine should not be stopped without consulting with a health professional.
Diabetes-Diabetes of Type 1 and type 2 are other common causes of excessive sweating. Excessive sweating is one of the symptoms of glucose control disorders.
Menopause- Many women in the menopausal phase suffer from hot flashes and night sweats. It is a severe case of sweating which leaves you wet at night. It can be very disturbing and can hamper our sleep. According to the doctors, this kind of sweating happens because of the fluctuation and decreasing estrogen levels which drop the automatically when periods finally stop.
Extreme stress and anxiety disorders-Stress is one of the causes of excessive sweating that not many people know of. The body temperature rises when a person is suffering from some psychiatric problem and is under stress or excited. The embarrassment of excessive sweating can lead to more anxiety and again resulting in more sweating.Leaving the consumption of alcohol and opiates also cause prolong sweating. The withdrawal period for a substance user can bring about heavy sweating.
Tips to curb excessive sweating-

  • Use of antibacterial soap containing triclosan is suggested to prevent infection in heavy sweating areas.
  • We should avoid spicy food and go out in the sun and heat which are common triggers of heavy sweat.
  • Generally, armpits are another most problematic area for heavy sweating people. Use of antiperspirants on a regular basis can be helpful. Body odor can be controlled by these antiperspirants which relieve us from a lot of embarrassment.
  • We should avoid wearing clothes made of synthetic fibers like nylon. It is always comfortable and best-wearing cotton.
  • We can also use sweat shields to absorb the sweat in our armpits and prevent sweat marks on our dress
  • Use of antiperspirants containing aluminum chloride blocks the opening of sweat glands. It should be applied at the night as the glands are less active that time. It works best on the armpits.
  • The sweating areas should be cleaned with the soap, and then sodium chloride should be applied.  If you are relieved, and your sweating shows some improvement sodium chloride can be applied once weekly.

If the problem of sweating persists, it is advisable to meet a dermatologist who can analyze the reason for heavy sweating and suggest some medications, treatments to rectify it.

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