7 Home Remedies For Gas And Bloating

7 home remedies for gas and bloating

Gas and bloating are common stomach related problems faced by people these days, mostly due to change in lifestyle. These kinds of problems come when they are uncalled for just like uninvited guests. Bloated stomach a day before an important event or party, gastric problems, while you are out on vacation, sound as irritating as they are and we never really want them to happen. A few little things around you can help you get rid of that. Here is a list of seven home remedies you can find easily, which would help your system to get back to its normal functioning as early as possible, without putting in a lot of effort.

Home remedies for gas relief and bloating

Here is a list of gas treatment:

  • Drink plenty water: We hear very often from our mothers and elders to hydrate ourselves, but little do we realize how very right they are. You might think how water could cut back water, but there is an actual science behind it. In the state of dehydration, our body tries to retain water to make up for the amount which is not being received and this sometimes, causes the stomach to swell. That is when you see the little bulge. So, always carry your water bottle along and drink at least 7-8 glasses of it. This makes drinking water the best excessive bloating and gas treatment.
  • Refreshing herbal tea: People mostly reach for their cups of tea whenever they want a little refreshment, and now you have another reason as well. Chamomile and peppermint tea can help reduce the bloat and gas in the stomach as they have soothing effects and aid digestion. Along with it, tense muscles around stomach also relax, which is an additional benefit. So boil those tea leaves and take advantage of its soothing effect for gas treatment. This is one of the best gas treatment.
  • Cumin water: Cumin seeds are easily found in cabinets of our houses so when you find nothing else, cumin can solve your problem. They are known to have a strong effect on the digestive system and shows results fast. Add one spoon of cumin seeds to water and boil it for a while. It is advised to drink on an empty stomach in the morning and also helps rehydrate the body. Along with this, they are known to boost metabolism and help in weight loss. Cumin is easily available in stores. This is one of the best gas treatment.
  • Yogurt: Our colon contains bacteria, and it is advisable to include a source of good bacteria in our diet. Yogurt contains just the right amount of good bacteria and helps in proper digestion of food as improper digestion might have resulted in bloating so you can have yogurt in your lunch to treat the gastric problem and bloating. This is one of the best gas treatment.
  • Potassium-rich food: We all are used to having junk food which has high sodium content. When sodium is consumed in high amounts, it retains water around the belly area which causes the stomach to bloat so if you have been eating food outside a lot lately, try countering its effect by eating some potassium-rich foods like a banana to get your stomach back into its original shape. Other potassium-rich foods are broccoli, lentils, salmon, etc. This is one of the best gas treatment.
  • Cucumber: It is wise to snack light when you have gastric problems, and cucumber is one of the best things to have an excessive gas and bloating remedy. It is highly rich in water and low on fiber. Eating cucumbers frequently throughout the day can also help in balancing ions along with its soothing effects in the body which will reduce the bloat. They are easily accessible and available.
  • Cutting back on dairy products: Many people are intolerant to lactose and have trouble digesting the sugar found in milk. Undigested carbohydrate is fermented in the stomach which produces gas and cause bloating. The only way to prevent that from happening is to stay away from dairy products and search for other alternatives. Many options are available in the market for lactose intolerant people these days.

Above-mentioned points and tips are a few ways to get rid of the bloating and provide quick gas treatment. Some people suffer from irritable bowel syndrome and hence gas and bloating occur frequently. We can prevent it from happening by keeping a regular check on our diet as it is important to keep an eye on what we are feeding our body. This habit will help in long run. In case these symptoms are way too frequent, you should consult a doctor. It could be one of the symptoms of colon cancer.

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