Between Health Care Plans? Protect Yourself From an Unexpected Medical Expense with the Right Coverage

Short term health insurance helps bridge the gaps in health care coverage. It is an economical alternative suitable for individuals who need temporary health care. Short term coverage can help protect you from unexpected and unforeseen medical expenses. With this policy, you get medical insurance that is both affordable and flexible, minus the commitment required for long term policies.

Who can get short term coverage?

  • Those who are between jobs
  • Those who are awaiting for other coverage to begin
  • Those who missed Open Enrollment
  • Those whose access to other insurance plans is currently limited by financial hardship

This insurance is provided by private companies, which means that the eligibility restrictions are far more relaxed and flexible. Do you meet any of the qualifications above? If so, check out Pivot Health’s budget friendly plans. You can apply and enroll in under 5 minutes!

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Key highlights of Pivot Health’s short term plan

  • Flexible plans that cater to your health care needs
  • Online application can be done in a matter of minutes with instant approval
  • Choose where you receive health care; there are no hospital network or doctor restrictions
  • Cover for short term insurance can start in under 24 hours

In addition to the basic coverage, Pivot Health also offers its members several non-insurance benefits that help cover everyday costs. These include remote doctor consultation & up to 70% off on prescription medications (using the discount card), and discounts of up to 30% on eye exams and eye care essentials.

Get a Quote with Pivot Health Today!

To request a quote for short term health insurance, simply follow these steps.

  • Go to the official website and check your zip code
  • Answer a couple questions about your basic health information.
  • View the many affordable plans available to you immediately

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