4 Changes In Physical Appearance To Motivate One To Quit Smoking

4 changes in physical appearance to motivate one to quit smoking

Most tobacco products are sold with a warning about its hazardous effects on the human body when smoked or consumed. By and large, smokers are aware of the negative impact that smoking can have on the body. However, poor health is not the only reason to quit smoking. Along with damaging the lungs, reducing one’s stamina, and deteriorating one’s mental health, smoking also causes serious trouble to one’s physical appearance. Starting with dark circles and going all the way to yellowing fingers, smoking can significantly dent one’s appearance. Listed below are a few changes in physical appearance to motivate smokers to quit smoking.

Brighter eyes
Only a few smokers get away with no dark circles under their eyes, and this is because they either have a good diet or a timely sleep cycle. However, it was noted in a study that smokers are four times more likely to get dark circles than non-smokers, even if both the sets of participants were well-rested. One of the withdrawal symptoms for smoking is lack of sleep. One shouldn’t be demotivated if they do not see quick, positive results with their dark circles after they quit smoking. Be patient and surely the dark circles will go away with time.

Stronger nails
Stronger nails are one of the many benefits of quitting smoking and this may appeal more to the women who smoke. While holding a cigarette between the fingers, the smoke from it causes massive damage to the nails. Furthermore, smoking negatively affects nail growth, making them brittle and short. When one gives up smoking, strong and long nails is one of the first benefits they will see.

No premature graying of hair
Gray hair is one of the biggest fears for men, especially premature graying of hair. Smoking can build up the oxidative stress in an individual’s body. This increased stress can lead to graying of hair. In fact, graying hair is one of the first signs of oxidative stress taking a toll on the body’s cells. Along with premature graying of hair, thinning hair and balding is another impact that smoking has on one’s body. Quitting smoking will reduce the effects that oxidative stress has on a smoker’s body.

Lesser wrinkles
A non-smoker’s skin quality is better than that of a smoker. Smoking is toxic and can affect skin cells significantly, especially the facial skin cells. This leads to wrinkling of the skin, making people look older than their actual age. Smoking also leads to thinner skin, which does not allow the skin to replenish efficiently and leads to wrinkles. Age spots, discoloration, and dark spots are other adverse effects that smoking can have on your skin. Quitting smoking can lead to tightening of the skin, but one should be aware that this will be a slow process. One shouldn’t get demotivated if they do not see results in the first couple of weeks or even an entire month. The results will be slow, but they will be significant.

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