5 Medical Conditions That May Trigger Unexpected Weight Gain Or Loss

5 medical conditions that may trigger unexpected weight gain or loss

Maintaining the right body weight can be a tedious task for most individuals. There may be frustrating fluctuations that occur from time to time. The reasons for weight gain and loss could range from regular consumption of fatty food items or not eating well, respectively.

While a change in one’s weight is normal, it is concerning when there is no apparent cause associated with the change. At such times, people get alarmed and seek medical attention. In older individuals, there is a possibility of weight gain due to the metabolism rate slowing down and the lack of physical activity. However, one must not be indifferent and ignore the change. They ought to shed some light with the help of a medical professional. Here are some possible causes that may lead to unexplained weight loss and gain:

Depression is a condition that has a serious effect on the physical and mental health of an individual. It makes one feel blue for extended periods and comes with other symptoms such as insomnia, anxiety and more. This mental condition can be triggered by several factors but may often have a serious cause. Someone with depression is likely to undergo an unusual weight gain or loss.

Hypothyroidism is caused by the inability of the thyroid gland to produce enough thyroid hormones. These are the hormones that play a crucial role in the regulation of one’s metabolism and digestive system. Hypothyroidism commonly occurs among older women and the slowdown in one’s metabolism leads to weight gain.

At the onset of diabetes, one may go through sudden weight loss. They may also feel the need to urinate more often. This is caused due to the body flushing out excess glucose that it cannot absorb. Diabetes also leads the body to use up nourishment from the muscles and this causes weakness that brings about weight loss.

Fluid retention
Very often, fluid retention may be the cause of weight gain. Also known as edema, the issue leads to swelling in the face, hands, limbs and other parts of the body. This condition is triggered by other diseases and one must seek immediate medical attention as it leads to uncontrolled weight gain and fluctuation.

In rare cases, cancer can be the underlying reason for weight loss. It leads to an issue with absorption of food and inflammation within the body that causes sudden weight loss. The development of a tumor or cancer in the stomach can also make it hard to swallow food.

In some cases, one may be able to explain the cause behind weight loss or gain but is it pivotal to be sure that there are no other related problems. Factors such as depression, elevated blood pressure, diabetes, and cholesterol must be evaluated to rule these common factors. It is important to note that maintaining an ideal body weight is not just about opting for techniques like a CoolSculpting weight loss program or hardcore diets but about maintaining one’s weight through healthy habits. Individuals who think that their weight loss or weight gain is concerning must visit a medical professional who can aid in forming a health plan to achieve one’s fitness goal.

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