Some Effective Steps For Treating Diarrhea

Some effective steps for treating diarrhea

Almost everyone has experienced bouts of diarrhea in some point of their life. Whether it is an infant or an adult or elderly person, diarrhea can affect anyone. In most of the cases, the symptoms or extent of diarrhea are limited to feeling bloated in the stomach, abdominal cramps, and watery stool. While most of the patients recover after getting some home remedies and treatments for diarrhea, some may get acute conditions. Learning about the right type of diarrhea treatment is extremely important to check the condition at the preliminary stage. However, before proceeding to the diarrhea treatment or remedies, it is important to the causes of diarrhea and how to avoid them.

Causes of diarrhea
Diarrhea is mostly caused due to food poisoning, bacterial infection, or viral infection. However, some may get it after drinking contaminated water. In some rare cases, diarrhea may develop as a side-effect of some antibiotic use. Diarrhea refers to the condition in which the gastrointestinal system deals with its disruption due to the aforesaid causes. Symptoms of diarrhea start recovering as soon as the gastrointestinal system is healed. Generally, the condition is healed in less than a week’s time. However, in some acute cases, it may take a fortnight or more for the patient to recover completely.

Treatments for diarrhea
Diarrhea in most of the cases does not require any medicines and get healed in a couple of days. However, if the condition persists even after two days, doctors may recommend blood test of the patient after conducting physical examination. In some cases, doctors may recommend stool test for better treatment. Although rare, patients with severe conditions or chronic diarrhea problems may need colonoscopy or flexible sigmoidoscopy.

Medicines for diarrhea – Medicines are prescribed after checking the cause of its occurrence in the blood test report. Antibiotics are recommended for patients, who have succumbed to the condition due to bacterial or parasitic infection. However, viral infections may not be healed with antibiotics. Depending on the condition of the patient as well as the cause of occurrence, doctors may prescribe some drugs such as Quinaglute, Cytotec, Reglum, etc. Steroidal drugs are also recommended in some cases.

Though diarrhea remedies are available for the treatment of diarrhea, it is not all. Hydrating the patient and following some home remedies is important to cure the condition.

Hydration – Dehydration of the patient is common due to frequent bowel movements. Therefore, it is important to keep the patient hydrated by feeding them oral rehydration solutions or ORS. Infants should be breastfed as usual and if needed, they should be provided with Pedialyte, pediatric solution for young children. Whether it is adults or infants, hydration should be done frequently and in lesser amount. However, patients with diarrhea should not be served with caffeinated drinks, carbonated drinks, soda, milk, or alcohol, as these can worsen the condition further.

Probiotics – Probiotics, which is also known as good bacteria is considered to be among the most effective treatments of diarrhea. Consuming probiotics like green olives, dark chocolate, cottage cheese, beet kvass, old soft cheese, yogurt, tempeh, pickles, miso, natto, or kimchi can be a good choice. Probiotics are not only good choice for the treatment of diarrhea but also it is effective for people suffering gastrointestinal disorders. Though it is always better to consume foods containing probiotics, you may also get it in powder or pill form.

Preparing a healthy diet – Patients with diarrhea generally have to rely on a fluid diet till the conditions are healed. However, the diet restrictions do not generally end as soon as the condition is treated. Anyone, who has been treated with diarrhea, should opt for low-fiber foods, which include applesauce, toast, banana, oatmeal, chicken soup, baked chicken, baked potatoes or boiled potatoes, and oatmeal.

Food to be avoided – Just learning about how to cure diarrhea and what to eat during this condition is not enough. It is also important to learn about the foods to be avoided. Greasy, fried, or spicy foods are restricted for patients, who have been treated with diarrhea. Any fruits or vegetables leading to the bloating of the stomach should be avoided. Foods with artificial sweeteners is also not recommended for patients diagnosed with diarrhea. Alcoholic drinks are known for worsening the gastrointestinal condition of patient and should be avoided.

Neglecting diarrhea at the initial stages often lead to the worsening of condition. Therefore, follow a proper diet and take accurate remedies for treating the problem right from the first stage. If the condition in not cured with home remedies or hydration, you must consult your doctor at the earliest. Apart from that, you can also consult doctors experienced in treating gastrointestinal diseases.

Diarrhea can be treated effectively if you consult the doctor on time. You would be able to get relief from the symptoms and be able to lead a healthy life.

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